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As you can see the image above shows all the Scorestreaks / Killstreaks in Advanced Warfare but the scores needed are different than the list below, as they are still refining/balancing them and we will have to see the final scores once released.

You probably also know that scorestreaks are customizeable, meaning you can add extra functionality, called a module,  to a scorestreak to increase its effectivness, Although it does take more score to earn the scorestreak. For example, the base ‘UAV’ costs 400 points to earn, you can then add ‘Extra Time (+100)’ module for a longer lasting UAV but it cost an extra 100 points to earn the scorestreak, so in this case it would cost 500 points to earn (400+100).

The optional modules are not part of the Pick 13, so you won’t lose a slot it just increase the scorestreak value.

Advanced Warfare Scorestreak

  • Aerial Recon Drone – 350
  • UAV – 400
  • Aerial Assault Drone – 450
  • Oribital Care Package – 500
  • Remote Turret – 550
  • System Hack – 600
  • XS1 Vulcan – 600
  • Missile Strike – 650
  • Bombing Run – 725
  • XS1 Goliath – 775
  • Warbird – 850
  • Paladin – 950

Advanced Warfare Scorestreak Modules


Aerial Recon Drone (350)

UAV (400)

Extra Time (+100)
UAV lasts longer.

Speed (+100)
Faster position updating to the mini-map.

Extra Assist Points (+150)
Grants user additional assist points for every active kill

Scrambler (+200)
Obscure the enemy mini-map.

Enemy Direction (+200)
Adds facing arrow to mini-map

Threat Detection (+300)
Show all enemies for 10 seconds following activation.

Orbital (+300)
UAV cannot be shot down

Support (+300)
Points earned towards this streak retain through death.

Aerial Assault Drone (450)

Oribital Care Package (500)

Double Tap (+200)
Allow double tap to change the package contents.

Better Odds (+300)
Increase the chance of getting better items.

Support (+600)
Points earned towards this streak retain through death.

Remote Turret (550)

Rocket Turret (+100)
Fires rockets. Replaces Machine Gun or Directed Energy Turret.

Directed Enery (+100)
Fires a controlled laser. Replaces Machine Gun or Rocket Turret.

Ripplable (+100)
Adds ability to rip off turret head and carry on the battle field.

360 Turret Head (+100)

Heavy Resistance(+100)

Sentry (+200)
Turret will be a sentry when not remote controlled.

Support (+600)
Points earned towards this streak retain through death.

System Hack (600)

XS1 Vulcan (600)

Overcharge (+100)
Increase the beam width.

Light Show (+200)
Adds three rotating lasers.

Extra Burst (+600)
Adds another burst.

Missile Strike (650)

Bombing Run (725)

Flares (+100)
Add ability to shoot flares to ward off enemy missiles

Stealth (+100)

Care Package (+300)

Additional Bomber (+400)

XS1 Goliath (775)

Recon (+100)
Suit has exo ping.

Trophy (+100)
Mobile trophy system on suit.

Support (+100)
Rocket pack on shoulder that can shoot multiple missiles on a locked target.

Warbird (850)

Rockets (+300)
Adds rockets as an alternative weapon.

Aggressor (+600)
AI controlled Warbird. Seeks out enemy targets.

Warbird Wingman (+600)
Joining player mounts additional MG Turret.

Paladin (950)


Laser Guided Rockets (+200)
Add a turret that fires laser guided rockets.

105MM Cannon (+300)
Add a 105mm Turret

Wingman (+300)
Joining player mounts an additional MG Turret. Replaces default ability.

More info to come…

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