Black Ops 2 (BO2) Map Pack DLC – Revolution

Revolution Map Pack DLC Black Ops II (BO2)

Revolution is the first DLC map pack for Call of duty Black Ops II (BO2) and contains 4 new multiplayer maps (Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage), 1 new zombies co-op map (Die Rise), a new zombies gamemode (Turned), where you play as a zombie, and for the first time in Call of Duty history a gun DLC (The Peacekeeper), which is an SMG.

The map pack can be bought as a stand alone DLC or you can by the DLC Season Pass, which allows you to download all the Black Ops 2 DLC for a single, discounted price.

Multiplayer Maps

revolution-map-blackops2-hydroHydro Map

Is a large hydro-electric dam facility in Pakistan. With a spillway that floods during gameplay.
revolution-map-blackops2-grindGrind Map

This map takes place in a skate park in Venice, California. With a lot of curved side, this brings a new style of map layout.

revolution-map-blackops2-downhillDownhill Map

Set in the French Alps, Downhill is the first snow map on Black Ops 2 multiplayer. With moving cable cars to watch out for.

revolution-map-blackops2-mirageMirage Map

A luxury resort in the Gobi Desert that has been swept by a sand storm, which has left sand dune, allowing access to 2nd floor windows.

Multiplayer Weapon DLC

Peacekeeper SMG DLC Weapon
In the video Treyarch describe the Peacekeeper DLC weapon as a hybrid SMG-Assault Rifle, which sounds like the perfect type of gun right? So lets see how this works.

Zombie Map

revolution-zombies-blackops2-dieriseDie Rise

This takes place in a series of crumbling skyscrapers. I think the name Die Rise is a play on words with ‘high rise’.

Zombie Gamemode


In this all new Zombie game mode, Treyarch have listened to fan and now it is possible to play as a zombie, in which you have to kill a lone human player, if you achieve this then you become the lone human.

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