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In the alpha build of the game there were 18 slots for scorestreaks. 12 were available: UAV, HC-XD, Dart, Care Package, Counter UAV, Lightning Strike, Talon, Cerberus, Wraith, RAPS, Combat Robot and Mothership. That leave 6 scorestreaks we don’t know what they are yet. David Vonderhaar at Treyarch has already confirmed the return of one that will be a Blackbird/Vsat type scorestreak, allowing real time enemy location on the map. The other 5 we will have to wait to find out but we will update this page when more info becomse available.

Black Ops 3 Scorestreaks/Killstreaks Confirmed List

  • UAV – 400
  • HC-XD – 425
  • Dart – 525
  • Care Package – 550
  • Counter UAV – 600
  • Lightning Strike – 750
  • Talon – 975
  • Cerberus – 1000
  • Wraith – 1100
  • R.A.P.S – 1200
  • Combat Robot – 1400
  • Mothership – 1500

UAV Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-uavUnmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map.

Score: 400

HC-XD Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-hc-xdRemote-controlled Hover-Capable Explosive Device that can perform a thrust-powered jump and drive on vertical surfaces.

Score: 425

Dart Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-dartPilot an anti-personnel drone that is equipped with missiles capable of locking onto enemies and Scorestreaks. Can also dive bomb for an explosive blast.

Score: 525

Care Package Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-care-packageAirdrop a random Scorestreak.

Score: 550

Counter UAV Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-counter-uavJams enemy reconnaissance by temporarily disabling the enemy mini-map.

Score: 600

Lightning Strike Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-lightning-strikeLaunch a targeted airstrike on three locations.

Score: 750

Talon Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-talonCall in an autonomous or remote-controlled escort attack drone.

Score: 975

Cerberus Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-cerberusAirdrop an autonomous or remote-controlled Cerberus ground robot that patrols for enemy targets.

Score: 1000

Wraith Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-wraithAerial attack craft with advanced stealth capabilities and a defensive flak drone.

Score: 1100

R.A.P.S Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-RAPSDeploy ship that drops autonomuous Robotic Anti-Personnel Sentry drones.

Score: 1200

Combat Robot Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-combat-robotHeavily armored drop ral Infantry Unit robot. Can be set to Guard mode to protect the owner of set to Patrol mode to defend a designated location.

Score: 1400

Mothership Scorestreak

black-ops-3-scorestreaks-killstreaks-mothershipPowerful VTOL weapons platform with a primary turret for the owner and two secondary turrets for teamates.

Score: 1500



These Scorestreaks and points are from the alpha build and could change before the release of the game.

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