Black Ops Hanger 18 Map Details – Annihilation Map Pack

Is based in Area 51 and revolves around a hanger 18, which contains a Lockhead SR71 (aka Blackbird). The level takes place inside and outside the hanger. It’s a medium-sized map. You can get from one end of the map quickest by running through the hanger (either upstairs or downstairs) or take a longer way around the outside.

Alien autopsy room at point (12).

Here’s the map with main objective points shown.

Hanger 18 Map - Annihilation Map PackS&D (Search and Destroy) on Hanger 18

10 – Base A
8 – Base B

Domination on Hanger 18

13 – A Dom Flag
5 – B Dom Flag
1 – C Dom Flag

Demolition on Hanger 18

10 – A Site
8 – B Site

Sabotage on Hanger 18

4 – Sabotage Base
6 – Sabotage Bomb (under SR71 – Blackbird)
13 – Sabotage Base

CTF (Capture the Flag) on Hanger 18

2 – Flag Base
13 – Flag Base

HQ (Headquarters) on Hanger 18

3 – HQ Site – note: This can be captured hiding slightly behind the fork-lift truck
7 -HQ Site (on top of SR71 – Blackbird)
9 – HQ Site
11 – HQ Site (downstairs) – note: This can be captured behind the bar
12 – HQ Site (downstairs)

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