Black Ops Hazard Map Details – Annihilation Map Pack

Set on a golf course called ‘El Castillo Verde’ which translates to ‘The Green Castle’ and more specifically Hoyo #1 (hole 1), a long par 3. The map has castle ruins throughout the level. The buildings look similar to Villa. The map was designed predominately for long range battles but with many of the ojective bases either inside or near the edge of the map be ready for some close quarter battles.

Here’s the map with main objective points shown. All bases and bomb site are outside.

Hazard Map - Black Ops Annihilation Map PackS&D (Search and Destroy) on Hazard

7 – Base A  (upstairs)
8 – Base B

Domination on Hazard

10 – A Dom Flag
6 – B Dom Flag
1 – C Dom Flag

Demolition on Hazard

5 – A Site (downstairs)
8 – B Site

Sabotage on Hazard

1 – Sabotage Base
6 – Sabotage Bomb
10 – Sabotage Base

CTF (Capture the Flag) on Hazard

1 – Flag Base
10 – Flag Base

HQ (Headquarters) on Hazard

2-5 HQ Sites
9 – HQ Site
11 – HQ Site (can capture lying in the back bunker)
12 – HQ Site

Map Trivia

  • There are pictures on the wall of the hotel in the map ‘Hotel’ in building at (12)
  • You can shoot the sprinklers to get the water to shoot straight up then stop
  • You die if you dive from the ledge with the little hut on to the putting green (but not if you jump)

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