Black Ops II (BO2) Multiplayer Trailer Video

The trailer we’ve all been waiting for, the mutilplayer video for Black Ops II (BO2) has now been released, giving us a taster of what’s to come in the next Call of Duty game.

Black Ops II (BO2) Multiplayer Trailer Video

New Things to Black Ops II

  • Dragonfire (Quadrotor Killstreak)
  • Guardian Suppress
  • New Custom Class Setup options
  • AGR Killstreak
  • Placeable Riot Shields
  • X-ray Scope
  • Target Locator Scope
  • Mutli-Team Team Deathmatch gamemode

Things Returning to Black Ops II

  • Dolphin Dives
  • Reflex Sights
  • Dogs Killstreak

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