What are Wildcards in Black Ops 2 (bo2) – Create-A-Class System

Wildcard Create-A-Class Menu - Black Ops II (bo2)


One of the options of the new create-a-class 10 point allocation system is the introduction of wildcards. A wildcard will allow you to ‘bend the rules’ to the classic allowance giving you of either either an extra perk, attachment or equipment. Using a wildcard will cost you one of the alloted 10 slots, so for example using a wildcard to get an extra perk will in effect cost you 2 slots, as you use one for the wildcard and one for the extra perk. Below you will find the differnet wildcards available.

You can use upto 3 wildcards in a single class setup.

Primary GunfighterWildcard - Primary Gunfighter - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a 3rd attachment for your primary weapon.

Secondary GunfighterWildcard - Secondary Gunfighter - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a 2nd attachment for your secondary weapon.

OverkillWildcard - Overkill - Black Ops II (bo2)

Use a primary weapon as your secondary weapon.

Danger CloseWildcard - Danger Close - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a second Lethal.

Perk 1 GreedWildcard - Perk 1 Greed - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a second Perk 1.

Perk 2 GreedWildcard - Perk 2 Greed - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a second Perk 2.

Perk 3 GreedWildcard - Perk 3 Greed - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a second Perk 3.

TacticianWildcard - Tactician - Black Ops II (bo2)

Take a tactical grenade in place of your lethal grenade.

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