Black Ops Silo Map Details – Annihilation Map Pack

A Russian missile silo that is in construction. As described in the video it has a lot of flanking routes so pay attention to the mini maps. This map has a feel of the Modern Warfare 2 level ‘Quarry’, lots of construction equipment, industrial buildings and fences.

There’s a ladder that will take you up a tower for a good vantage point, which you can also jump/dive from to get on top of a set of containers, near (8).

Here’s the map with main objective points shown. All bases and bomb site are outside.

Silo Map - Black Ops Annihilation Map PackS&D (Search and Destroy) on Silo

8 – Base A
6 – Base B

Domination on Silo

2 – A Dom Flag
5 – B Dom Flag
10 – C Dom Flag

Demolition on Silo

8 – A Site
6 – B Site

Sabotage on Silo

2 – Sabotage Base
5 – Sabotage Bomb
10 – Sabotage Base

CTF (Capture the Flag) on Silo

1 – Flag Base
10 – Flag Base

HQ (Headquarters) on Silo

2  – HQ Site
3  – HQ Site (downstairs)
4 – HQ Site
6-9HQ Sites

Map Trivia

  • You can’t jump on top of any of the vehicles
  • Missiles take off in the background scenery, no gameplay interaction (except noise)

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