Bombs and Flags Playlists added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Hardcore game mode

In Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops update 10 they added two new playlists for the online multiplayer Hardcore game modes, one called Bombs and the other called Flags. These are nothing extrodinarily new just a nice addition to the options available for the Hardcore game mode.

Bombs Playlist in Hardcore game mode - Black Ops Flags Playlist in Hardcore game mode - Black Ops

In the Find Match menu the playlists are described as:

Bombs – Moshpit of hardcore game modes that use bomb based objectives. No Second Chance. Players 6-12

Flags – Moshpit of hardcore game modes that use flag based objectives. No Second Chance. Players 6-12

So Bombs playlist will include Demolition, S&D (Search and Destroy), Sabbotage and Flags playlist includes Headquarters, Domination and CTF (Capture the Flag)

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  1. James says

    Hardcore headquarters should have been kept seperate. It sucks the way they have it but core is still there. It sucks for those who love to play hardcore HQ……Hate It.

    • Al says

      There we over 20 of us in a group that always looked forward to getting together to play capture the flag. Our favourite game option was taken away and replced with flags which forces people to play headquarters and other games instead of the game mode we want to play. It’s really disappointing that our entire grup has disbanded and stopped playing black ops. Can someone put the capture the flag game mode back the way it was without having to play game modes we don’t like.

  2. alex says

    its aload of bollocks why the hell did they put headquarters in flags???? its impossible to get hardcore capture the flag now because its all headquarters and domination

  3. Bacon says

    Fucking stupid is what it is. I am now forced to play the modes I don’t want to play just so that once in a blue moon, the mode I do actually want to play comes up!

    I’m well into Hardcore Headquarters and due to my lack of skills I avoid Search and Destroy because I spend the rest of my night swearing loudly at my television and spectating. In my opinion this is a stupid change. The “no last stand” is a good idea but in regards to the game modes, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

    Why they don’t just have all the originals and then add “Flags” and “Bombs” at the bottom of the list is just beyond me. Then everyone’s happy!

  4. disabled combat veteran says

    You have ruined black ops. If there is no more stand alone hardcore ctf by its self then I request to have a complete reimbursement of my money for the map packs and the game. This is a disgrace to gaming. And you have told me thank you for your money then slapped me in the face with the very hand that you took my money with. I will avoid trayarch like the plague if this issue does not get resolved. People are already starting a class action lawsuit. There are alot of people who’s money you took that are upset. Great start in the begining and you are headed twords a fast and bad ending. It only needs to start with a small group of people. I play with all military people and we might be by percentage your largest consumers. I bought two copies of black ops one for my self and one for my brother. And also the map packs for both of our counsels. I petition to have hardcore ctf stand alone game mode back. You have 7 business days and if this issue is not resolved you will have 56 more people requesting the same. And 56 more people of lost future bussiness. That is just from my contacts. It does not include their contacts.
    thank you

    • fabulousSaralee says

      i am sooo with you man, and i agree totally that we should be appeased or reimbursed. how do you create and keep a certain type of mode in a game and then all of a sudden do away with it? hell they got the numbers of the 1000s that play this particular game. i say piss off treyarch and keep on til all you got playing are those young boys whose moms shouldnt have bought them the game in the first place.

  5. Angie says

    I second Zach’s comments. My friends and I played Hardcore CTF everyday and now we are not even going to buy the new map pack unless you separate the flags again. We have lost our drive to play cod now since we have to jump in and out of lobbies looking for a ctf map. You really made a mistake with this moshpit stuff.


  6. Ryan says

    I second everything that “Disabled Combat Veteran” stated. I will NEVER purchase another game made by treyarch. It all started with the atrocious World at War, then Black Ops wasn’t too bad to begin with (nothing compared to MW2) but since it’s release it’s been nothing but an embarrassment. Last stand, ridiculous spawnpoints and how easily campable they are, and the game just not being nearly as crisp and clean as an Infinity Ward developed game. Ex: I shoot players in the legs and it registers as a headshot. The realistic damage and range of guns. The audio is horrible, and what is up with the new map pack? None of the maps are available in hardcore mode?????? Your Losing customers every update Activision. Please activision don’t hire treyarch to develope another COD, it will be the end of the Call of Duty series

  7. tubinruben says

    how are you gonna take what i like? i love hc ctf and am a user of second chance. if you dont like it, make sure you double tap me, eh? it doesnt even matter my reason, its like selling a deck of cards then renigging on the jokers. sure i can play everything else, but what if i prefer spades? now im gonna have to play other modes that i dont like to play the ones i do and even thats provided i can play with out lagging or unfit game matchups. DIDNT I PAY ENOUGH FOR THIS TO PLAY EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO PLAY? why dont you poll the players next time before you think your doing us a favor? …if it aint broke, dont fix it. oh and i want my money back too, yall just got big and greedy and forgot how you got that way i think. couldnt leave good enough alone man. and id like to know if your pullin this crap on the new one so i can renigg on my reserve fee.

  8. says

    I am very upset and digraced with this change ,,,,,,,,,,me and my friends play HC CTF everyday til now we even created a clan tag just for HC CTF ……………. it is now impossible to play a HC CTF match ,,,, i am 15 prestige ive been playing for 18 days my fiends who r all 15 prestige (every single one of them) have played for more than 35 days each ;;;; now we dont play ………..u better fix this crap treyarch or u will lose not 1 or 2 but thousands and thousands of clients …. i wont ask for money back because that is stupid because i already enjoyed the game x 7 months or more but i wont buy any other treyarch game

  9. Mikeeeeee says

    No one likes this garbage. This is as dumb as nuketown 24/7 imo. At least let people play the game mode they want, not pot luck.

  10. Jon says

    Are you kidding me?? What in the hell were they thinking… im done playing Black Ops until this is resolved. Battlefield anyone??

  11. Happy says

    Yo listen up to the team of ‘gay’ops..
    you have all the comments an YET you still don’t try an resolve the issue you totally Fucked up on.
    Like the man says above – how bout you ‘poll’ us next time instead of asking your BEST *cough**cough*
    – no i wasn’t hitting a bong i was choking on your employees cocks for the past couple months from all this bullshit. ya’ll blow dogs for quarters.
    can’t believe ya’ll thought this BOMBS/FLAGS scenerio was ‘even’ a part-way GOOD idea. & even if you still want it. just bring the ole’ games back.. We all don’t see how that’s very hard.

    more then half the people in HC only play CTF & SD

    – but excuse us for ‘believing’ that yinz knew that right.?

    please.. do us all a favor. & quit making COD games. BF3 is going to blow you outta the water with these mistakes (HORRIBLE spawining for ex.) you have delivered us this season. I’ll take being snipe’d in BF all day – least i’ll have a chance to be spawned a 100mi. away an have a CHANCE to take his ass down. Rather then be ‘spawn camped’ for the 18th time in a 3 minute period..

    • Happy says

      And do us all a favor and for when a ‘map pack’ comes out.

      here say it with me . .
      Maaaaa-aaap. . . Paaaa-ckkkk
      there we gooo..

      yeah – you charge me for it an i can’t even play HC in it.?

      your kidding right?

      yeah.. hands down WORST COD GAME TO DATE..
      (& i’ve played everyone ya’ll. . . yuhpp.. it be the worst)

      off to the world of fallout Fuck this .

  12. says

    The only game mode I EVER played on Black Ops “was” hardcore CTF. You would get 8 min for one round than 8 min for another round and if you were lucky you would go into overtime and get another 8 min for a max total of 24 min, that’s 24 minutes to be rackin up kills and gettin tons of xp. But.. treyarch has to be a HOMOSEXUAL ASS PIRATE! and put it in some garbage ass mystery bag of flags and cut the playing time shorter so now instead of 8 min each round its, (correct me if I’m wrong) 5 fucking measly minutes each round. So when HCCTF finally pops its pretty little face out of the horrid ass mystery bag of flags its forced to call its home, instead of getting to play for almost a half hour I get to play for at the most 15 min, which might I add is very rare so in reality its only about 6-10 minutes. Therefore I only get half the xp, half the kills, and half the COD points I usually would. I mean really? Come on now.. I personally think they should have all the same modes that they have in core, in hardcore. Only noob’s and pussy’s play core because they can’t handle dying so quickly, why not give the HARDCORE players the same shit noobs have. I would have to agree with getting rid of that crap ass of a perk “last chance/stand” whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Cause that was just BS there’s no way in real life your gonna get shot and within a fraction of a second pull out a pistol as your falling and be shooting back before you hit the ground. Another thing Ghost pro is HIGHLY overpowered and over used. Whenever I get a chopper gunner or a hind helicopter I’m lucky if I see 2 enemy’s on the map because everyone else is using ghost pro and those 2 people I actually see are usually hiding in a building. I get more kills with a cobra than I do with either of those and every time I get a sentry gun and I place it about 10 seconds passes and boom.. “your sentry gun has been destroyed!”. One more rant and I’m done, cant Treyarch see that there making more people mad than they are happy? I mean this last map pack “escalation” was just PURE hammered shit every little bit of it sucked butt hole I was SEVERELY disappointed especially with the zombies map cause that one had allot of potential to be great with the actors and celebs but they sucked it up with the weather changing bullshit and the shitty placement of things. I feel like I payed $15 dollars for 1 (not even that good of a map) called Hotel. If this new map pack isn’t anything but superb awesomeness than I can guarantee Black Ops will be a quickly dying game. You better get your shit straight Treyarch…

  13. Milosaurus says

    I can believe this garbage!. for Christsake who the hell thought this going to be a good idea. I like H CTF, perfect game to think about what to do, stalk enemies, run for the flag, snipping, complete challenges, kill many enemies, respawn in “secure areas”, etc. To the contrary, in Headquaters and Domination you don’t have time for anything, you have to run all the time (imagine if you haven’t achieved Marathon yet), enemies respawn even behind you, you start running and you are killed inmediatly. Now we have 5 minutes in CTF, nonsenses!. Why in Hardcore? Why not in Core?, they have each game mode separated, Why us? FIRE THE RESPONSIBLE OF THIS CRAP, the most stupid change in history of Call Of Duty!

  14. says

    Just when I think they couldn’t make and already crappy game worse they take away the one thing I enjoyed, Hardcore CTF now I have to play other crappy game modes I loath… way to fail treyarch, god I can’t wait for MW3 so this shit can die off.

  15. Marcmiller4321 says

    I totally agree with what everyone on here is saying. HC CTF was hands down the best feature of the online game that it is no longer an option i dont even like to play anymore…seriously i hate battlefield but i would rather play that then have to play this crap a second more it really pisses me off. i have owned every call of duty game that has ever came out and the map packs and not once have i hated COD as much as i do right now… needs to be fixed ASAP……thanks for nothing


  16. ian says

    Please bring back HC CTF. I agree with most of what has been said here, I have enjoyed the game until this point and then I signed on yesterday and played two matches and signed off. I just didn’t find it fun. I can say with certainty that I will not be playing this game nearly as much or at all until the HC CTF is put back on the server by itself. Hope this is changed soon. Thanks

  17. Ando says

    The one night I had available to enjoy some COD, and played 0 games of HC CTF because it wouldn’t come up as a “flags” choise. Nice. Needles to say, my favorite game mode not be available, I cut it short and went to bed. Thank you for helping me get well rested.

  18. BW says

    This is just garbage. Call of Duty’s demise started when treyarch removed tanks from hardcore on world at war. MW2 wasn’t playable for 4 days post release, and millions of others couldn’t play at-will until mid february because regional severs were screwed and didn’t know how to identify 40GB ps3’s with a type 2 nat (for the record, played it today, hackers galore and spec ops is absolutely unplayable, terrible choppy lag) and black ops started to suck and stopped for a minute and sucks again. I was a HCTDM player but with this craptastic asinine cluster fuck of a game and it’s ass backwards spawn engine, went to HCCTF and loved it. Now it’s like playing a lottery. So I figure, just vote random if no CTF comes up back out but oh wait, their semi retarded code crunchers never fixed party issues so regrouping is required. Spending 2/3 of the time doing that instead of playing. It’s horeshit. My question is, whats the justification for making these bullshit playlists? Because the servers are bogged down with only CTF players? Then what the hell does that say about their craptastic stupid ass game modes like HQ? Wow, trained monkeys could have made a much better game. And for those of you who think MW3 will be any better, absolutely not. MW2 was fucked from the get go and still is. And an FYI, IW jointly worked with treyarch on blackops so there you go.

  19. committal says

    This new Bombs and flags sucks, I dont like at all about HQ.
    why all game modes cant core and hardcore?

    • kyle says

      I love that the stupid second chance was taken out of the new modes and i love bombs in hardcore i just wish they had a moshpit option. i think a lot of you are blowing this out of proportion i highly doubt you will lay off any new cod shit just because trayarch made it. you know when it comes out you will still buy it. so stop wining and play get better at the rest of the modes there not that bad. if you dont like them then dont play its that simple

      • blodig baever says

        Give me one good reason for this!? Why force players to play modes they dont want to play!? No one I know ever played moshpit as it were so why the fuck force it on people!!!??? Stupid stupid stupid stupid! Me and my friends had a solid thing going with HC HQ great team work and lots of fun, well thanks treyarch for fucking that shit up? Tell me, why should we play your game now!?

  20. kuvhfidsufh says

    treyarch suck my balls every day i dont want to play COD fuck you treyarch we love hardcore HQ fuck you we dont want to wait demolition, sabotage, search and destroy and other for our HQ so come here put your tongue in my dick e start to spin it.yeah

  21. blodig baever says

    Fucking stupid shit is what it is!! I played HC HQ all the time, and now u fuckers take it away from me!? Why the fuck should I keep playing your game when you buttfuck me like this!!! Hate on all of you treyarc bitches!!!

  22. says

    Im upset with the change also! plz change it backk! i don’t like head quarters at all. i havta leave a lobby constantly to play capture the flag on hardcore mode!

  23. bone mallone says

    I glad im not the only one whos going crazy about this, this game just gets worse every update! I bought the first map pack but refuse to buy any more from these money grabbing we dont care about our customers company! Give the people what they want or you will simply loose out on more money than you think you can make by mugging us off.
    The spawn points and spawning in general are absolute shit, and its pathetic how you can get spawn camped numerious times before getting a shot off!
    Why are there more shitty core modes than hardcore, cant be hard to fix?
    Wtf is up with second chance, you finish some one off the person who put him down gets the points and kill tag, also you cant spud someone on seconds anymore!
    Why make people play modes THEY DONT WANT TO PLAY AND DONT LIKE PLAYING?
    It just doesnt make sence id love to know their reasons for doing this and ruining the game!

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