Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Multiplayer Map Pack – DLC

Announced today by Treyarch is the new multiplayer download-able content (DLC) for their bestselling game Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is the new map pack ‘Annihilation’. The pack contains four multiplayer maps (Hanger 18, Silo, Hazard, Drive-In) and and a Zombie map (Shangri-La).

As usually the new downloadable content will be made available first on Xbox Marketplace and will be released on 28th June.
More info on when it is released on PS3 and PC will follow, once disclosed. Enjoy the video!

Annihilation Map Pack Video

Hanger 18
Is based in Area 51 and revolves around a hanger 18, which contains a Lockhead SR71 (aka Blackbird). The level takes place inside and outside the hanger. It’s a medium-sized map. With hints of alien presence.

More details on Hanger 18 Map >>

An underground Russian missile silo that is in construction. As described in the video it has a lot of flanking routes so pay attention to the mini maps. Although based in the snow, in the video it appears there isn’t much snow covered areas.

More details on Silo Map >>

Set on a golf course called ‘El Castillo Verde’ which translates to ‘The Green Castle’ and has castle ruins throughout the level. The buildings look similar to Villa, so probably situated in Cuba. The map was designed predominately for long range battles.

More details on Hazard Map >>

A smaller map, which will invoke same sort of playing style as Nuketown. Drive-In contains a large open middle and close quarter areas around the edges of the map.

More details on Drive-In Map >>

Based in the jungle and Aztec style buildings with ruins, waterfalls and rope bridges. This is a tighter map than the previous Zombie map ‘Call of the Dead’ and this new map includes lots of surrounding interactions.


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