Call of Duty- Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Preview

Treyarch have released the preview for the next DLC (Downloadable Content) – Escalation Map Pack. This Pack contains 4 new multiplayer maps: Zoo, Hotel, Convoy and Stockpile and then a new Zombie Map: Call of the Dead. Out first on Xbox on 3rd May 2011.
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Zoo Map LevelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Hotel Map LevelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Convoy Map LevelCall of Duty: Black Ops - Stockpile Map LevelCall of Duty Zombies Map - Call of the Dead

Zoo – set in an abandoned Soviet zoo, with monorail track running through the whole level; Hotel – large cuban hotel, with working elevators and pool area; Convoy – Set on a broken highway with a large pit in the middle; Stockpile – Snowy map set in a Russian village, with weapons hoard, electronic doors also added; Zombie map wasn’t mentioned or shown in the video.

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