Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch – Title Update 10

Treyarch continue to show excellent post-purchase support for Call of Duty: Black Ops and are fixing problems and improving gameplay. Below is a list of updates made on Patch (v1.10).

Updates for Xbox 360:

  • Security Updates
  • New playlists – Flags and Bombs
  • C4 can no longer be warped to player carrying bomb in S&D and Sabotage
  • Removed erroneous “Reset to Default” message when trying to load a DLC map you do not have
  • In-game icons (care package icons, etc) no longer appear in the Create A Class menu
  • Support for Annihilation map pack, available June 28th on Xbox LIVE!
  • Fix for a rare crash related to weapons
  • Game no longer crashes when Xbox LIVE servers are down
  • Additional weapon balancing (Famas nerfed)
  • Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone

Updates for PC:

  • Free For All matches in the Recent Games menu in Theater now appear as “Free for All” instead of being displayed as “Team Deathmatch”
  • Addressed several items that did not correctly reset to their default state when using the Default System Settings option
  • In the Combat Training Change map menu the player can toggle between the default and DLC maps using the arrow keys on the keyboard
  • When the UAV is active the radar sweep movement is shown on kill streak menus that bring up a map for the player
  • Added option to disable player emblems in the “Settings”, ”Multiplayer options” menu
  • Addressed crash when a player accepted a game invite while rendering a clip
  • Addressed various exploits
  • Allow modded servers to enable cheats
  • Added ability for mods to remove dvar/commands from restricted lists. So mods can remove dvars they don’t want user to have access to. Also increased the mods restricted list to 256

It would be great to see Inifinity Ward so the same level of post game production support for Modern Warfare 3 as Treyarch have shown with Black Ops.

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  1. Carl says

    They RUINED the HC selection…… longer can choose what HC you can go into …I no longer enjoy the online gameplay of COD Black Ops

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