Call of Duty: Black Ops Tips and Tricks Guide to improve KD Ratio

Here are a few basic Call of Duty Black Ops tips and tricks to improve your KD (Kill/Death) ratio in online multiplayer action, these gaming skills can be applied to any of the Call of Duty series. Hopefully there is something new to help you get better at Call of Duty.

Call of Duty (COD) Tips and Tricks

These Black Ops tactics can be used in any game type, whether it’s FFA (Free for All), TDM (Team Deathmach), Domination, Sabotage, Demolition, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy and even Wager matches (obviously not the grenade and killstreak tips).

  1. Drop shot – duck into crouched or prone when in a gun battle, this will help with staying alive. Switching button layout to tactical will help with ducking during fights (takes some getting used to but worth it)
  2. Use cover – hide behind boxes, barrels, rocks, walls … this will reduce the amount of profile visible to enemies and the amount they can hit you.
  3. Use the mini map – practice using the mini map as much as possible, this will let you be more aware of your team-mates and enemies’ positions, even if UAV (Spy Plane) isn’t active.
  4. Use tactical grenades – If you know there is an enemy around the corner chuck a flash or concussion grenade there first, this will help win those one on ones. You can even use these to check if someone is hiding in a location.
  5. Withdraw from a losing battle – If you are getting hit a lot, don’t go back if you think you’ll die, leave it, recover your health and pick another fight somewhere else.
  6. Keep Realistic Killstreaks – If you are having trouble stringing kills together keep your killstreaks low, UAV (Spy Plane), Counter-spyplane, and Napalm are very useful. Use Hardline to get your spy plane earlier and this will help you know where enemies are sooner.
  7. Use your lethal grenade – Whether you have a Frag or Semtex be sure to use it. There is no point of having it in your pocket when you die, use it as soon as you have a chance.
  8. Don’t sprint around corners – Sprinting reduces the speed you can get your gun up to shoot, so stop sprinting when going around a corner, this will allow you to react quicker.
  9. Don’t Stand Still – A motionless target is soooo much easier to hit, so if you are in a gun fight, looking around, searching for someone… always keep moving, side strafing works best (as moving towards a target is pretty much the same as standing still from their point of view).
  10. Know the map – Learn the levels, knowing high traffic areas, grenade spots, hiding spots (to hide and to know where campers may be), shortcuts, entrances to each area will help you earn extra kills and save your life too.

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