1. morgan says

    i have one almost like the granade over there but i have a “XD” face intstead…. add me “morgangris” and i show u

  2. Joshua says

    I created my Superman Playercard and I’ve dedicated 6 months to trying to perfect it. I am looking for a little acknowledgement cause I worked really hard and was inspired by everyone else who came close to making it perfect, and I feel that mine is going to be the best it will ever get. You can check it out on youtube. There’s 2 versions of the video. One showing the S with a long diamond, and one with a square being a shorter diamond-like shape. Honestly I think the shorter one might look better. If you like it, it would honor me to have it on your website. Thank you.

    • Unofficial Admin says

      Hi Joshua, Sounds great, let us know the link to the youtube video and we’ll check it out.
      – Cheeky Ninja

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