Call of Duty Toys and Accessories

Call of Duty gaming series has grown and grown. And now it has its own merchandise range. Some more official than others. In the post you’ll find list list of Call of Duty toys and products, which would be great for Call of Duty lovers, ranging from toys, apparel, posters and accessories.

Call of Duty Toys

Mega Bloks have created Call of Duty Collector Construction Sets. The sets include micro action figures with detachable accessories, weapons, vehicles, buildings and buildable environments.

There are loads of different toy sets to collect and build, including fan favorites like, Nuketown, Zombies, Riley the Dog, Dome …


Call of Duty Toys – Mega Bloks (Light Armor Firebase set)

See the hoard of available sets

Call of Duty Dog Tags

Dog tags are a cool accessory for Call of Duty fans. With a variety of types from different games of the series.


Advance Warfare Sentinel Dog Tags

Buy Call of Duty Dog Tags Online

Call of Duty Memory Sticks

USB memory sticks are always a useful gift and it’s a nice feeling to pull out a novelty stick.


Call of Duty USB Memory Sticks

USB Memory Sticks Online


Call of Duty Backpacks

Another useful gift, backpacks or bags.


Call of Duty T-Shirts

There are tons of Call of Duty T-Shirts you can buy. Below you can see a small selection of Black Ops 2 T-Shirts


Black Ops 2 T-Shirts

Call of Duty T-Shirts online

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