Callouts for – Boardwalk, Decommission, Gulch, Off Shore and Parish – MW3 maps

Here’s the MW3 map callouts for the four multiplayer maps from the final downloadable content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Boardwalk, Decommission, Gulch, Off Shore and Parish. These callouts can help you with teamwork between your friends/team mates.

Map Callouts – Boardwalk

MW3 Callouts - Boardwalk map

Map Callouts – Decommission

MW3 Callouts - Decommission map

Map Callouts – Gulch

MW3 Callouts - Gulch map

Map Callouts – Off Shore

MW3 Callouts - Off Shore map

Map Callouts – Parish

MW3 Callouts - Parish map

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