Vertigo Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Vertigo is one of the multiplayer maps for the DLC map pack ‘Uprising’. Set in the clouds, the Vertigo map is a the top of the tallest building in the world, so watch your step. Vertigo Map Layout Vertigo Callouts

Studio Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Studio is a remake of Firing Range from Black Ops 1 and is one of the multiplayer maps for the DLC map pack ‘Uprising’. Now a Hollywood studio this level is still great to play but now has Aliens, Dinosaurs, a castle and more… Studio Map Layout Studio Callouts

Magma Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Magma is another of the multiplayer maps for the second DLC map pack ‘Uprising’. Set in a Japanese city where a local volcano is errupting and magma is strewn across the streets. Magma Map Layout Magma Callouts

Encore Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Encore is one of the multiplayer maps for the DLC map pack ‘Uprising’. Set in London, England battles take place in an amphitheater. You can’t get into the seats but on stage, backstage and surrounding buidings are all accessible. Encore Map Layout Encore Callouts

Nuketown 2025 Now Free on Black Ops 2 (BO2)


As of today Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map is now free (on Xbox, PS3 to come later) as part of a mini DLC strategy by Treyarch. Nuketown 2025 is currently the only free ‘Micro Item’ in the mini DLC release. Other items such as new camos + reticles packages, calling cards, … [Read More]

Mirage Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Mirage is one of the multiplayer maps for the first DLC map pack ‘Revolution’. A derelict hotel in the Gobi Desert, covered in sand. A dried out swimming pool and overlooking buildings host a lot of the action. Mirage Map Layout Mirage Callouts