Call of Duty Ghosts T-Shirts


The Ghosts skull is one of the most iconic images of the Call of Duty series. Below are some nicely designed T-shirts you can buy online.   

Whiteout Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Snow map that takes place in an artic industrial village. Whiteout Map Layout Whiteout Map Callouts Whiteout Hunted Drop Locations Whiteout Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order event ‘Satelite Crash’

Warhawk Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: Evactuated town ravaged by mortars. Open streets and tight alleys give a great all-around combat experience. Warhawk Map Layout Warhawk Map Callouts Warhawk Hunted Drop Locations Warhawk Interactive / Secret Spots Explode Door Shoot gate Field Order event ‘Mortar Fire’

Tremor Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: In the heart of Texas, on the edge of an impact crater. Multi-tiered, earth shattering action. Tremor Map Layout Tremor Map Callouts Tremor Hunted Drop Locations Tremor Interactive / Secret Spots Push Dumpsters Earthquake effects environment Tremor

Strikezone Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Stikezone is set in the grounds of a baseball stadium. Strikezone Map Layout Strikezone Map Callouts Strikezone Hunted Drop Locations Strikezone Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order care package ‘K.E.M Strike’ destroys the map and changes the layout  

Stormfront Map – Call of Duty Ghosts

  In-game Map Description: Verticality mixed with open space creates intense Search and Rescue matches. Stormfront Map Layout Stormfront Map Callouts Stormfront Hunted Drop Locations Stormfront Interactive / Secret Spots Use Elevator

Stonehaven Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Fight amidst a ruined castle in the Scottish highlands. Open layout allows for long distance engagements. Stonehaven Map Layout Stonehaven Map Callouts Stonehaven Hunted Drop Locations Stonehaven Interactive / Secret Spots Shoot Portcullis (gate), once down you can blow it up with an explosive

Sovereign Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Tank assembly plant. Quick engagements in a turn-by-turn action-packed pace-setter. Sovereign Map Layout Sovereign Map Callouts Sovereign Hunted Drop Locations Sovereign Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order care package ‘Sabbotage’ creates a gas filled factory for 30 seconds  

Siege Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Abandoned industrial island. Lots of cover with plenty of spacious sightlines for open-style combat. Siege Map Layout Siege Map Callouts Siege Hunted Drop Locations Siege Interactive / Secret Spots Press button to make train move Mortar Fire care package

Prison Break Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: A prison deep in the jungle. Clever tactics give the stealthiest of players the advatage in Hunted matches. Prison Break Map Layout Prison Break Hunted Drop Locations Prison Break Map Callouts Prison Break Interactive / Secret Spots Shoot tree down to make a bridge Explode stack … [Read More]