Departed Map – Call of Duty Ghosts – Invasion Map


Classic combat through the festive streets of the a Mexican town celebrating Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead). The map specific field order is the ‘Death Mariachi’ similar to the Jug Maniac but armed with akimbo magnums. once you have killed an enemy they will become a squadmate, … [Read More]

Pharaoh Map – Call of Duty Ghosts – Invasion Map


Pharaoh, set in Egypt, ruins, tombs and sand make up this level. An all-rounder map, long lines of sight, mid-range battles and also close quarter gun fights make this map suitable for all playing styles. Riddled with dynamic events: Scarab pots, containing flesh eating bug, once the pot is broken, … [Read More]

Fog Map – Call of Duty Ghosts – Onslaught Map


  Takes place in an eriee swamp back country, themed from the Halloween movies and Michael Myers, Breachable underground and field order of Michael Myers, similar to a Maniac Juggernaut armed with an axe. Fog Map Layout   Fog Map Callouts