Whiteout Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Snow map that takes place in an artic industrial village. Whiteout Map Layout Whiteout Map Callouts Whiteout Hunted Drop Locations Whiteout Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order event ‘Satelite Crash’

Warhawk Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: Evactuated town ravaged by mortars. Open streets and tight alleys give a great all-around combat experience. Warhawk Map Layout Warhawk Map Callouts Warhawk Hunted Drop Locations Warhawk Interactive / Secret Spots Explode Door Shoot gate Field Order event ‘Mortar Fire’

Tremor Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: In the heart of Texas, on the edge of an impact crater. Multi-tiered, earth shattering action. Tremor Map Layout Tremor Map Callouts Tremor Hunted Drop Locations Tremor Interactive / Secret Spots Push Dumpsters Earthquake effects environment Tremor

Strikezone Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Stikezone is set in the grounds of a baseball stadium. Strikezone Map Layout Strikezone Map Callouts Strikezone Hunted Drop Locations Strikezone Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order care package ‘K.E.M Strike’ destroys the map and changes the layout  

Stormfront Map – Call of Duty Ghosts

  In-game Map Description: Verticality mixed with open space creates intense Search and Rescue matches. Stormfront Map Layout Stormfront Map Callouts Stormfront Hunted Drop Locations Stormfront Interactive / Secret Spots Use Elevator

Stonehaven Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Fight amidst a ruined castle in the Scottish highlands. Open layout allows for long distance engagements. Stonehaven Map Layout Stonehaven Map Callouts Stonehaven Hunted Drop Locations Stonehaven Interactive / Secret Spots Shoot Portcullis (gate), once down you can blow it up with an explosive

Sovereign Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Tank assembly plant. Quick engagements in a turn-by-turn action-packed pace-setter. Sovereign Map Layout Sovereign Map Callouts Sovereign Hunted Drop Locations Sovereign Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order care package ‘Sabbotage’ creates a gas filled factory for 30 seconds  

Siege Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Abandoned industrial island. Lots of cover with plenty of spacious sightlines for open-style combat. Siege Map Layout Siege Map Callouts Siege Hunted Drop Locations Siege Interactive / Secret Spots Press button to make train move Mortar Fire care package