Prison Break Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: A prison deep in the jungle. Clever tactics give the stealthiest of players the advatage in Hunted matches. Prison Break Map Layout Prison Break Hunted Drop Locations Prison Break Map Callouts Prison Break Interactive / Secret Spots Shoot tree down to make a bridge Explode stack … [Read More]

Overlord Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Satellite military outpost. Control the center in intense Domination matches. Overlord Map Layout Overlord Map Callouts Overlord Hunted Drop Locations Overlord Interactive / Secret Spots Doors close in middle building with the buttons only being on the inside  

Octane Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


    Octane takes place on the sandy streets of Las Vegas, with the famous exploding gas station. Octane Map Layout   Octane Map Callouts Octane Hunted Drop Locations Octane Interactive / Secret Spots Free Care pack in Container Explodedable wall x 2 Collapsing gas station  

Freight Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Map Description: Factory transport depot. Cross the tracks to porve who is the dominat combatant in this classic-style map. Freight Map Layout   Freight Map Callouts Freight Hunted Drop Locations Freight Interactive / Secret Spots Shoot metal gate to enter underground passage Shoot to bring ladder down Shoot … [Read More]

Free Fall Map – Call of Duty Ghosts

  Free fall is free to download for everyone who pre-ordered the game before release. It’s a small map that takes place in a falling skyscraper. Free Fall Map Layout Free Fall Map Callouts Free Fall Hunted Drop Locations Free Fall Interactive / Secret Spots Degrading building changes lines of … [Read More]

Flooded Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


In-game Map Description: Aftermath of a destroyed dam. Jump into the battle and don’t drown! Flooded Map Layout   Flooded Map Callouts Flooded Hunted Drop Locations Flooded Interactive / Secret Spots Sinking Bus Sinking Truck    

Chasm Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


In-game Map Description: High-impact gameplay. Verticality mised with medium and close range combat. Chasm Map Layout Chasm Map Callouts Chasm Hunted Drop Locations Chasm Interactive / Secret Spots Explosive on bus carriage will cause it to fall of the cliff Shooting wires drops elevator one floor and then an explosive … [Read More]

Takeoff Map – Black Ops 2 (BO2)


Another remake make for the multiplayer maps of the final DLC map pack ‘Apocalypse’. Takeoff is a remake of the Black Ops 1 map Stadium, which itself was a DLC map. Takeoff Map Layout Takeoff Callouts