Black Ops Drive-In Map Details – Annihilation Map Pack

Set in a 50s style, old, run down drive-in, which has a space/rocket theme. This is a fairly small map with a large open middle with two main buildings or structures, the projection building and the large screen structure, the level also contains lots of little out buildings around the sides.

Here’s the map with main objective points shown. All bases and bomb site are outside, except two HQs with are inside but both downstairs.

Drive-In Map - Annihilation PackS&D (Search and Destroy) on Drive-In

3 – Base A
7 – Base B

Domination on Drive-In

1 – A Dom Flag
4 – B Dom Flag
9 – C Dom Flag

Demolition on Drive-In

4 – A Site
7 – B Site

Sabotage on Drive-In

1 – Sabotage Base
4 – Sabotage Bomb
9 – Sabotage Base

CTF (Capture the Flag) on Drive-In

1 – Flag Base
10 – Flag Base

HQ (Headquarters) on Drive-In

2, 5-9 HQ Sites

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