Extinction Gameplay – Call of Duty Ghosts


Extinction gameplay for Call of Duty Ghosts. In the below video from Gamespot you see gameplay footage as well as hearing from the devlopers about this new 4-player co-op gamemode to the Call of Duty series.


  • Loadout setup – 6 pre-game options: Class, Pistol, Ammo, Team Support, Strike Package and Equalizer
  • Earn XP and rank up (separate from Multiplayer ranks and points)
  • Earn In-game cash to buy weapons, support, ammo…
  • Complete Challenges to earn Skill Points
  • Spend skill points on Loadout options
  • Search levels to pick up bonus items, such as : trophy systems, weapons, attachments, cash and hypno-knife
  • Upgrade in-game using skill points

Loadout Setups

Class Type

Choose between four types of soldiers: a tank, a weapon specialist, a medic or an engineer.

Pistol Type

Your pistol is thee with you from the beginning and can never leave your side.

The pistol can be upgraded using skill points. Upgrades will boost the damage, ammo capacity and even allow you to hold two pistols at once, akimbo style.

These include: P222 Pistol, .44 Magnum Pistol, M9A1 Pistol (3 burst), MP-443 Grach Pistol (Full Auto)

Ammo Type

Ammo is in short supply and, therefore, extremely valuable.

Throw down an ammo cache for the entire team to resupply from. Additional ammo types will give your team the extra firepower they need to finish the job.

These include: Ammo, Stun Ammo, Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Armour Piercing Ammo

Team Support

Provide supplies for the team by deploying a cache for everyone to restock from.

Supplies such as armour, explosives, and booster will benefit the entire team. Use your skill points in game to further increase the duration and effectiveness of the supplies.

These include: Team Explosives, Feral Instincts, Armour, Team Booster, Random Supplies

Strike Package

The ultimate if firepower, strike packages are perfect for defence or for raining pain.

They may cost a bit more, but strikes packages are well worth it. A fully levelled up strike packages can do serious damage.

These include: IMS, Motar Strike, Trinity Rocket, Sentry Gun, Vulture


The Equalizers provide personal, heavy firepower.

Generally hand-held weapons, these can be purchased in a pinch, regardless of the total ammo at hand.

Tip: Choose an Equalizer based on playing style. If you run a lot, try putting the Riot Shield on your back by changing weapons.

These include: Portable Minigun Turret, Grenade Turret, Crowd Control, MK32 Launcher, Death Machine


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