Field Orders Call of Duty Ghosts (How to Humiliate)


  • Kill 1 an enemy from behind
  • Earn 2 Kill(s) while crouched
  • Earn 1 kill while prone (lying down)
  • Earn 1 Kill with a melee
  • Earn 1 kill with a picked up weapon (enemy’s weapon)
  • Humiliate the next enemy you kill – To humilate your tea-bag the play you just kill (crouch and stand by his dead body)
  • Earn 1 kill with a non-killstreak explosive (grenade, semtex, launcher…)
  • Earn 3 non-killstreak kill(s)
  • Earn 1 kill while jumping
  • Earn 2 kills with a picked up weapon (enemy’s weapon)
  • Earn 1 kill with a headshot

Field Order Facts

  • The first Field order appears in the location of the first death
  • Field orders change once dropped
  • Field orders will disappear if not picked up for 1 mintue (another field order will not be issued until the person who made the field order appear dies)

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