Girls & Guns; Black Ops 2012 Calendar

Girls & Guns; Black Ops 2012 Calendar
Girls & Guns; Black Ops 2012 Calendar

Girls and Guns BlackOps 2012 delivers. It gives gun lovers exactly what they want-more girls, more guns, more attitude. Some of the Philippines most popular and sexy models suffered night boat rides, angry ants, hungry leeches and dangerous hikes through the jungle to bring you positively the most intriguing calendar of 2012. On every full-color page, meet a charming and seductive Asian girl who is every real mans total fantasy woman. Exotic locations, sleek women and cutting edge weapons make this wall calendar a sure bet for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend or a cool decoration for the dorm room wall, military barracks or office downtown. There are bikini calendars. And then there’s THE bikini calendar. For 2012 comes a brand-new concept for Girls and Guns in Asia with deadly weapons posing by huge boulders, exotic waterfalls and thick stands of bamboo forests. Lovable girls in full color – the calendar includes background art layered behind full-page calendar grids plus planning calendars for 2012 and 2013.

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