Here is a glossary of terms you may come across whilst playing Call of Duty or reading information about it. It is small right now but will continue to grow.

A-Dom – Refers to the A flag in the Domination game mode

ADS – Stands for Aim Down Sights, this is when you have the aim button held down instead of just firing from the hip.

Assist –This is when you help a team-mate kill an enemy but your team-mate gets the final bullet/damage that kills the opposition.

AvengerWhen you kill an enemy who has just killed a team-mate.

Bank Shot – Is when you get a kill with a Tomahawk after bouncing it off something e.g. a wall, floor or truck

Buzzkill – When you spoil the mode of someone, in COD it’s when you kill an enemy one kill short of a killstreak reward

Camping – When a player is remaining in the same place and waiting for enemies to come to them, especially when not even changing position. This style of play is considered by most as very annoying.

CQBShort for Close Quarter Battle – This are gun fights in close proximity to the enemy, e.g. Inside a corridor, around a corner…

COD – Short for Call Of Duty

Clutch – Final kill of the match, game or round, particularly used in Search and Destroy game mode.

CTF – Stands for Capture the Flag, which a is a game mode in which your team has to capture the enemies flag and return it to your based, whilst defending your own flag at the same time.

Double Kill – Announcement when you kill two enemies in quick succession

DLC – Short for DownLoad-able Content; This is extra content for the game which can be downloaded after purchase of the game, some DLC is free of charge and sometimes you have to purchase the extra content, such as Map Packs.

FPSFirst Person Shooter, a game genre. Games include: Doom, Duke Nuke ’em, Halo and of course Call of Duty.

Headshot  – This is when you kill an enemy by shooting them in the head. A headshot is an instant kill.

Humiliated – In Wager match games modes: Gun game – When you get stabbed (demoted down one gun level), Sticks and Stones – When you get Tomahawked (score reset to 0)

Humiliation – In Wager match games modes: Gun game – When you stabbed someone, Sticks and Stones – When you get someone with a Tomahawk

HUD Heads Up Display; these are the info graphics on the screen, for example: ammo remaining, grenades, mini-map etc.

KD – This refers to the Kill to Death ratio of a player. For example you kill 30 enemies and die 15 times your KD would be 2 (30 divided by 15).

KDR – This is short for Kill to Death Ratio, see above.

Killcam – A replay of your death.

Killstreak – This is a reward when you kill a certain amount of people in a row without dying.

MW3 – Short for Modern Warfare 3

Nade – Short for grenade.

Noob (Newb) – A person who is new to the game and usually sucks because of it.

Noob Tube (noob toob) – This refers to the under-gun grenade launcher. This gets its name as newbies (noobs) often use it to get easy kills.

PTFO – Stands for Play The F*cking Objective and refers to playing the game mode properly.

Rescuer – You save your team-mate from being killed by killing the enemy shooting them.

Scapler – When you kill someone with a Tomahawk

UAV – This stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. UAV (aka Spy Plane) is a Killstreak reward that allows you to see enemies on your mini-map, in the form of blips when the sweeping arm goes passed.

Wall Bang – Shooting through a wall to hit/kill someone.