Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Killstreaks/Pointstreaks List – Strike Packages

Modern Warfare 3 - Precision Airstrike

Okay so as you probably know the makers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 have revolutionised Killstreaks but for those who don’t know how, here are the major ways in which they have changed.

  • First, they have split killstreaks into three types or what they call ‘strike packages’, you have Assault, Support and Specialist, below you can see details on each of them.
  • Then the second major difference from all the previous Call of Duty games is that you can assign different killstreaks to each class, which previously you couldn’t do, so now you can adjust your killstreak during a match by switching your class setup. So a nice thing about having the killstreaks linked with a class setup is that if you come across a lesser skilled opposition you can change class and change to a higher set of Killstreaks and vice-a-versa to suit the match being played.
  • They still call the Killstreaks but now a better name for them would be Pointstreaks or Point Streaks, because now you can not only add to your killstreaks with kills but with ojective type actions too, like: capturing a flag in domination, defusing or planting a bomb, returning a flag in CTF and so on. This system will help the objective based players as well as the slayers on the team.
  • With the inclusion of the Support Strike Package type, killstreaks can now be rewarded even if you die, as the Support option doesn’t reset on each death.


Modern Warfare 3 - Killstreak / Pointstreak System
One other thing to note is that as usual the Hardline Perk reduces the Strike Package amount by one (except the Specialist Strike package, Hardline doesn’t reduct that Killstreak set) BUT a new thing to the Pro version of the Hardline Perk, is that Assists will add to your killstreak points.

Assault Strike Package

By the name you can see this is the more attacking option of the Strike Packages. This killstreak does reset when you die, so you have to get kills and points in a row to earn each of the rewards.

  • 3 UAV
  • 4 Care Package
  • 5 IMS (Intelligent Munitions System)
  • 5 Predator Missile
  • 6 Sentry Gun
  • 7 Precision Airstrike
  • 7 Attack Helicopter
  • 9 Strafe Run
  • 9 Little Big Guard
  • 9 Reaper
  • 10 Assault Drone
  • 12 AC130
  • 12 Pave Low
  • 15 Juggernaut
  • 17 Osprey Gunner

Support Strike Package

On this one it does NOT reset when you die, so you can earn a couple of points, then die, earn a couple more points and you’ll have your first reward and once you get to the highest of the killstreaks you have chosen, it will cycle back down again and you can earn the lowest one again.

  • 4 UAV
  • 5 Counter UAV
  • 5 Ballistic Vests
  • 5 Airdrop Trap
  • 8 SAM Turret
  • 10 Recon Drone
  • 12 Advanced UAV
  • 12 Remote Turret
  • 14 Stealth Bomber
  • 18 EMP
  • 18 Juggernaut Recon
  • 18 Escort Airdrop

Specialist Strike Package

The newest concept for a killstreak, instead of earning a traditional killstreak reward you earn an extra Pro Perk. After 2 points you get your first extra Pro Perk, 4 points – second Pro Perk, 6 points – third Pro Perk and then after 8 points you get all 15 Pro Perks. As with the traditional killstreak system, you do have to get the points in a row without dying. Also as soon as you die, you lose all the extra Pro Perks you have accumulated.

  • Recon Pro
  • Slight of Hand Pro
  • Blind Eye Pro
  • Extreme Conditioning Pro
  • Scavenger Pro
  • Quickdraw Pro
  • Blast Shield Pro
  • Hardline Pro
  • Assassin Pro
  • Marksman Pro
  • Stalker Pro
  • Sitrep Pro
  • Steady Aim Pro
  • Dead Silence Pro

For a complete list of all the perks, which perk slot they fall into and what they offer check out the Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Perks and Pro Perks post.

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