Money in the Denk – MITD Gamemode – Call of Duty: MW3

New gamemode has be added to Modern Warfare 3’s Community Playlist – It is Called ‘Money in the Denk’. The gamemode is a redition of Sabbotage, where the bomb carrier turns into a juggernaut and there is no spawn delay. Also there are 5 different preset class your can choose from (so no custom classes available) and when you become the juggernaut you only have a pistol (Desert Eagle).

Money in the Denk (MITD) Classes

Class: Money

  • M4A1 with Red Dot Sight
  • Akimbo Skorpions
  • Frag + Flash

Class: In

  • MP5 with Rapid Fire
  • MP412
  • Semtex + Flash

Class: The

  • PKP Pecheneg with Rrapid Fire
  • M320 GLM
  • C4 + Flash

Class: Denk

  • L118A with Impact
  • Akimbo G18
  • Semtex + Flash

Class: !

  • ModelĀ  1887 with Range
  • Akimbo MP9
  • Frag + Flash

All classes the perks: Sleight of Hand Pro, Hardline Pro, Steady Aim Pro. With the pointstreak as Specialist with: Scavenger Pro, Quick Draw Pro and Stalker Pro. As the Juggernaut you can also earn Specialist perks.

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