Call of Duty Toys and Accessories


Call of Duty gaming series has grown and grown. And now it has its own merchandise range. Some more official than others. In the post you’ll find list list of Call of Duty toys and products, which would be great for Call of Duty lovers, ranging from toys, apparel, posters … [Read More]

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Trailer


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Trailer Activision and Treyarch have released the Official Call of Duty: Black Ops III Trailer. Which shows, the return of exo suit but slightly toned down, female characters, It’s set in the future, swimming, wall-running zombies and more. Official Trailer Description Call of Duty: … [Read More]

Advanced Warfare Killstreaks / Scorestreaks List


  As you can see the image above shows all the Scorestreaks / Killstreaks in Advanced Warfare but the scores needed are different than the list below, as they are still refining/balancing them and we will have to see the final scores once released. You probably also know that scorestreaks … [Read More]

Advanced Warefare Perks (Call of Duty AW)


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare have reduced the number of perks from 35, which were in Ghosts, down to 15 perks to choose from and have used the 3 tier system again. Similarly to Black Ops 2 you can choose one perk from each tier and then use a Wildcard … [Read More]

Advanced Warfare Xbox One Controller


BUY ONLINE Advanced Warfare Xbox One Wireless Controller Features Exclusive graphics Metallic D-pad Monochromatic ABXY button Emery color thumbsticks Supply Drop token code to unlock in-game content Buy on Amazon

Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Bundle


Preorder / Buy Advance Warfare Bundle Online   Limited edition Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Xbox One bundle had been announced with a 1 TB hard drive (no kinect). The bundle includes great looking AW skin on the Xbox One, one Advanced Warfare wireless controller and the Call of Duty … [Read More]

All Ghost DLC Map Layouts


Onslaught DLC Ignition Map Layout   Fog Map Layout Containment Map Layout   BayView Map Layout   Devastation DLC Behemoth Map Layout   Collision Map Layout Ruins Map Layout Unearthed Map Layout   Invasion DLC Favela Map Layout Mutiny Map Layout   Departed Map Layout Pharaoh Map Layout   Nemesis … [Read More]

All Ghost DLC Map Callouts

Onslaught DLC   Ignition Map Callouts   Fog Map Callouts   Containment Map Callouts   BayView Map Callouts Devastation DLC   Behemoth Map Callouts   Collision Map Callouts   Ruins Map Callouts   Unearthed Map Callouts Invasion DLC Favela Map Callouts     Mutiny Map Callouts   Departed Map Callouts … [Read More]