Ghosts Myths – Episode 1 – Knife Edition

As with all Call of Duty games, there are things you hear around that you aren’t quite sure are true or not. In this series we expose the truths and the lies. If you’ve heard a myth, write it in the comment section below and we’ll see if its true … [Read More]

Map Layouts for Call of Duty Ghosts Maps


Below you will find all the map layouts for all the maps for Call of Duty Ghosts. Please feel free to use this maps as you like. If you are using these publicly a credit to the website would be great.  Chasm Map Layout Flooded Map Layout  Free Fall Map … [Read More]

Callouts for Call of Duty Ghosts – All Maps (MLG, GB)


 Chasm Map Callouts Flooded Map Callouts Free Fall Map Callouts Freight Map Callouts  Octane Map Callouts  Overlord Map Callouts Prison Break Map Callouts  Siege Map Callouts Sovereign Map Callouts Stonehaven Map Callouts   Stormfront Map Callouts Strikezone Map Callouts  Tremor Map Callouts Warhawk Map Callouts White Map Callouts

Call of Duty Ghosts T-Shirts


The Ghosts skull is one of the most iconic images of the Call of Duty series. Below are some nicely designed T-shirts you can buy online.   

Whiteout Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Snow map that takes place in an artic industrial village. Whiteout Map Layout Whiteout Map Callouts Whiteout Hunted Drop Locations Whiteout Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order event ‘Satelite Crash’

Warhawk Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: Evactuated town ravaged by mortars. Open streets and tight alleys give a great all-around combat experience. Warhawk Map Layout Warhawk Map Callouts Warhawk Hunted Drop Locations Warhawk Interactive / Secret Spots Explode Door Shoot gate Field Order event ‘Mortar Fire’

Tremor Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  In-game Description: In the heart of Texas, on the edge of an impact crater. Multi-tiered, earth shattering action. Tremor Map Layout Tremor Map Callouts Tremor Hunted Drop Locations Tremor Interactive / Secret Spots Push Dumpsters Earthquake effects environment Tremor

Strikezone Map – Call of Duty Ghosts


  Stikezone is set in the grounds of a baseball stadium. Strikezone Map Layout Strikezone Map Callouts Strikezone Hunted Drop Locations Strikezone Interactive / Secret Spots Field Order care package ‘K.E.M Strike’ destroys the map and changes the layout