Pharaoh Map – Call of Duty Ghosts – Invasion Map


Pharaoh, set in Egypt, ruins, tombs and sand make up this level. An all-rounder map, long lines of sight, mid-range battles and also close quarter gun fights make this map suitable for all playing styles. Riddled with dynamic events:

  • Scarab pots, containing flesh eating bug, once the pot is broken, anyone who goes near them will be eaten alive. bugs hang around for about 20 seconds.
  • Collapsing pillar, an explosive will make the central pillar fall and crush anyone below it.
  • Secret Chamber, turn 3 torches to reveal a staircase in the shrine, inside you’ll find a support crate. but be sure to leave quick once you have taken it. see below map for torch locations (you can do the torches in any order)

As well as the unique field order Blessing of Anubis, which gives you all perks for 4 lives.



Pharaoh Map Layout


Pharaoh Map Callouts


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