SAT COM Killstreak/Pointstreak – Call of Duty: Ghosts

SAT COM and Mini-map

SAT COM is Ground based unit which update you where enemies are using the mini map. The power of the SAT Com increase depending on how many your team has out at one time.

1 SAT COM out – Enemies appear on the mini-map once seen by yourself or a teammate for a couple of seconds

2 SAT COMs out – Sweeping radar shows enemy locations during the sweep

3 SAT COMs out – Sweeping radar at faster speed

4 SAT COMs out – Fast sweeping radar and which way the enemies are facing

SAT COM Details

  • 3 Killstreak (Assault) / 4 Killsteak (Support)
  • A Box you put on the ground
  • Four tier system – increased function per SAT COM out
  • Each last 30 second then self-destructs
  • Easily Destroyed with bullets
  • ‘Off the Grid’ Perk make you immune to SAT COMs
  • ‘Wire-tap’ Allows you to use enemy SAT COMs



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