Turtle Beach X41 – Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach X41Turtle Beach X41 Headphones are AWESOME. The sound is clear and crisp with good bass and feel to it. Designed especially for the Xbox 360 it is a great gaming headset.

How Wireless is this Wireless Headset?

In regards to being wireless from the Xbox, TV and Headset router it is. But to utilize the Xbox chat you need a wire to the controller, for me this isn’t a problem as my controller is wireless and stills allow me to flinch and dive around.

Things to watch for

  • Being wireless it uses batteries, so get a couple of good sets of rechargeable batteries and a charger. The headset uses 2 x AAA batteries, what I did was get 4 x AAA batteries so I could charge the spare used batteries whilst still using the headset.
  • Make sure the wire to the Xbox controller is properly and fully inserted into the sockets of both the controller and headset, if not this can cause echoing, hissing, crackling and other unwanted background noises.

Sound Whoring
This gaming headset like others will help you react to the surroundings with the help of sound. Hear if the enemies are either to left or the right, higher or lower than your position. Whether they are running on gravel, floorboard, grates or concrete, the Turtle Beach X41 will help you pinpoint your enemies quickly helping you shoot them in the face or stab them in the back!

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