Unlock Pro Perks MW3 Guide List

Tier 1 Pro Perk Unlocks

Recon Pro: 120 tagged enemies with explosive damage when using Recon
Sleight of Hand Pro: 120 kills when using Sleight of Hand
Blind Eye Pro: 40 enemy killstreaks destroyed when using Blind Eye
Extreme Conditioning Pro: 20 miles sprinted when using Extreme Conditioning
Scavenger Pro: 100 resupplies when using Scavenger

Tier 2 Pro Perk Unlocks

Quickdraw Pro: 80 kills within a few seconds of aiming down the sights when using Quickdraw
Blast Shield Pro: 20 explosions survived when using Blast Sheild
Hardline Pro: 80 killstreaks earnt when using Hardline
Assassin Pro: 20 kills while enemy uav is up when using Assassin
Overkill Pro: 120 kills with second primary weapon when using Overkill

Tier 3 Pro Perk Unlocks

Marksman Pro: 50 kills while holding breath and using Marksman
Stalker Pro: 120 kills aiming down sights when using Stalker
Sitrep Pro: 50 enemy devices destroyed when using Sitrep
Steady Aim Pro: 120 hipfire kills when using Steady Aim
Dead Silence Pro: 50 close range kills when using Dead Silence

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